Sunday, January 14, 2018

Penthesilea, Amazon With Attitude

Penthesilea, in Greek legend was an Amazon queen and a fierce warrior on the battlefield. A match for most men in combat, she was the daughter of Ares and the Amazonian queen Otrera.  Suffering from guilt, she sought to find an honorable death which lead her to participate in the Trojan War.  During the Trojan War she joined the side of Troy and finally met her death when facing Achilles.

175 years into the future, the AI Aleph is designing host bodies and giving them the personalities of the Greek heroes.  The most notable of these is Achilles.  His aggressive nature and lack of fear has caused him to be killed on the battle at an alarming rate.  Making a new body and transferring his memory to a new host gets to be time consuming and expensive. So, in an effort to give him better support [and surviveability] Aleph initiates Project "Amazon".  Penthesilea is the result.

Equipped with a Motorcycle, Penthesilea can quickly cover ground on the battlefield so she can easily come to the aide of team members like Achilles.  Or if she gets into the enemies backfield she can start taking down soft-targets very quickly.

I have to say I really like this model and looking forward to putting her in some games.  We'll see how she does pretty soon as I'll be headed up to Oklahoma City to participate in a tournament next Saturday.  Yes, I said a tournament.  I really dig this game!!