Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Fairy and Her Garden

My wife, Alla, has a green thumb.  She has an impressive collection of Japanese orchids and African Violets (some pretty rare).  She puts a lot of hard work into it and our house always has a variety of plants in bloom.  Here lately she decided she wanted to display some of her micro violets in a display as a fairy garden.  She found some stuff online and most of it arrived looking pretty good.  Only thing that was really lacking was the paint job on the fairy she ordered.  So, she asked me to repaint it.

Basically most of it was like someone just did an ink wash over the clay...

Here's how it turned out after the repaint (mostly).  I was still working on the raccoon when she stole it to take her pictures so it still looks a bit plain.  Anyway, I think you'll see that she did a really awesome job on putting together her Fairy Garden.  I'm quite proud!