Friday, July 21, 2017

Take Me to the Church...

This is another little break from painting Infinity figures as I do some terrain.  My wife bought this for me as part of a village for Christmas to go along with my Napoleonics and other period gaming.  I find painting terrain less difficult than miniatures because I don't put a lot of effort into it.  I try, but I don't find it incredibly exciting.  I do realize that it can really make for an awesome looking table so I tend to go back and forth on how to do it and make it look great.  Months later I'm still going... "I need to get to that some day."

Well, that time has arrived.  I recently painted a figure that I'm excited to show you guys, but first I wanted to give him a nice backdrop.  So here's a church!

At one point I was going to try to give the windows a stained glass look, but all the mess from casting there wasn't enough flat surfaces to do a good job.  I honestly tried.  Second though was to cut out some plastic and paint them to look like stained glass and insert them into the windows.  But, all the windows are different sizes so that would have been a lot of work.  Like I said, I get a bit lazy with terrain.  :)

This is the Medieval Parish Church from Magister Militum.

Next post is a White Wolf.  Can ya guess?


Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Battle of Shady Hill

The Hill Dwarf General stared at the huge skeletal catapult in the gap between the forest and hills.  
Scouts had spotted the Undead army and he knew they were arrayed for battle on the other side of the forest.  He knew his troops have to drive hard and fast to avoid being constantly pounded by the Vampire Lord's catapults.

The wooden rectangles were marking deployment areas.  Should have removed them before taking the pictures.  D'oh!

I packed up my Warband stuff and took it over to my friend Darby's house and we got in a game Saturday night.  He played the Undead and I played the Hill Dwarfs.  These were 500 pt armies.

Undead Army
Vampire Lord (Good)
Necromancer (Average)
Skeletal Crossbows
Skeletal Riders
Skeletal Warriors x 3
Undead Catapults

Hill Dwarf Army
General (Exceptional)
Spell Crafter (Average)
Warriors x 3
Noble Riders

During terrain placement I of course placed hills because they do not hamper movement for Hill Dwarfs if you give them the "Hill Walkers" ability, which I did.  Darby placed forests to hamper my movement as a counter measure. Below is the placement of units before the battle began.  I have my Noble Riders [NR] and Handgunners [HG] on the left.  My goal was to run around the hill and hit the left flank with my riders and move the Handgunners up on the hill to fire down from the cover of trees.  Darby placed his skeletal riders [SC] on his right as a counter to my cavalry.  Darby placed his artillery in the middle of his army to have them immediately available to start pounding the Dwarfs during their approach.

After several turns the Hill Dwarfs have had some motivation issues and not made much progress in the advance.  The Noble Riders have made the flank and one unit of Warriors has made the hill on the right flank.  This has made them a prime target for the catapults and they have suffered some hits after reaching the top of the hill.

Fast forward several more turns and the bulk of both armies are engaged in a melee.  The Noble Riders and Skeletal Cavalry are locked in a stalemate on the left.  Darby managed to advance some Warriors on top of the forested hill making my Handgunners retreat and unable to take any shots.  In the middle 2 units of Warriors are engaged with the Skeletal Warriors and Vampire Lord.  The Necromancer and Skeletal Archers have both joined the large melee to provide flanking attacks on the Dwarfs.  On the right Warriors from both armies are locked in melee.  At this point both armies' artillery sit silently waiting for targets.

As the melees continued for several more turns both sides see progress.  On the left, the Noble Riders have routed and the Handgunners are engaged before they even get to fire a volley.  The Undead are winning on the left.  Both sides artillery moved into position to start a duel.  The Dwarf Artillery forced the Undead Catapults off the board, but not before they could route the Dwarf Spell Caster and put some wounds on the Dwarf Artillery.  With the right flank still in a deadlock the major change takes place in the center.  The second unit of Skeletal Warriors have been destroy and both the Vampire Lord and Necromancer are pushed back.  The Dwarf Warriors 1 was also routed, but rallied after running past their General.

Next turn the Hill Dwarfs' left looks really bleak as the Handgunners are hit in the rear by the Skeletal Cavalry.  Hill Dwarf sandwich anyone?

Luckily for the Handgunners they don't have to survive long because the next turn the Hill Dwarf General charges into the Vampire Lord and forces him off the table.  At this point the Undead have lost over half their army points and break off the engagement.

I have to say it was a fun game and look forward to playing it again.  I'll need to take another read through the rules to make sure I have everything correct this time, but overall, I thought this one went much smoother.  I have been pretty focused on Infinity here lately, but I'm already wanting to start another army for Warband.  :)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Midnight Sun Analyst (HVT)

Midnight Sun is an intelligence agency based in the Nomad nation.  Midnight Sun encourages competition between their own analysts, so these intelligence gathers will often be found in the thick of the action.  For the opponents of the Nomad nation, these Midnight Sun analyst are highly valuable targets to capture.

Infinity is a scenario based game, so you'll always have main objectives you are trying to achieve in each game.  There are also secondary objectives that you can go for to gain more points.  Usually you will draw 1-2 cards for "Classified" objectives.  Only you will know what these objectives are and they are only revealed to your opponent when successfully completed.  Also, each player will put a HVT (High Value Target) in the middle of the table.  You want to try to capture the opponents HVT while protecting your own.  HVT's serve another purpose in that some of the classified objectives involve interaction with your opponents HVT.

So, if the previous paragraph didn't make sense, then here's the gist.  Each game you have to place a non-combatant on the table and try to protect them from capture.  This dude is mine!



Sunday, July 2, 2017 Koalas?

Hey friends!  Time for yet another Infinity post.  This time I will introduce you to Crazy Koalas.  One of the weapons available in the Nomad's arsenal is a little robot called the Crazy Koala.  The Crazy Koala is a proximity weapon.  It follows along with it's controller and can be anywhere within the controller's Zone of Control (ZOC).  The ZOC in Infinity is 8" and does not require line-of-sight.  After all, this is the future and they have electronics and all kinds of detection gear at their disposal.  What a proximity weapon does is during the other player's turn it will sit in a idle state until an enemy enters their ZOC and it will charge them until it reaches base to base contact... and EXPLODE.  Now that's just good fun folks!

Now as I was pondering the paint job for my Crazy Koalas I just kept thinking about the Care Bears. If you're not familiar with these cartoon characters well they are oriented towards younger children.  In my sinister twisted mind I decided I'd paint my little suicide koalas as these friendly childhood characters.  Why not??  I'm playing it off as it provides a few seconds of confusion for the friend/foe recognition software of my enemies.  It could work...

Anyway, here they are!  The Crazy... I mean... Caring Koalas!

Since the models come in pairs, I didn't want them to be duplicates so for the one below I was going to sculpt him on a different base.  But the pose just screamed SURF BOARD or HOVER BOARD, you choose.  Either way that's what the green stuff turned into when I was done.  :)
And for this one I got the idea that it would be cool if he was running through a smoke grenade in the processing of just beginning to spread out it's smoke.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.